Managed Services
We apply enterprise-grade monitoring and proactive support to your home or business.

Managed Antivirus

Patch Management

Managed Backups

  • Extensive signature-based scanning
  • Heuristic checks
  • Protection from viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, and keyloggers
  • Behavioral scanning
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

Managed Antivirus starting at $5/mo.
  • Streamlined patch approval and deployment
  • Customizable policies
  • Patch roll-back (in case something breaks)
  • Patch over 40 third party applications
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

Patch Management starting at $5/mo
  • Remote Backup to Cloud
  • Quick recovery with speedvault
  • Military-Grade encryption
  • Self-service restore portal
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

Managed Backups starting at $5/mo

Web Protection

Mobile Devices

Service Desk

  • Threat protection: Protect against malware, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring: Monitor daily usage with automated checks and alerts
  • Access controls: Keep users off unapproved sites.
  • Time-based browsing policies: Allow employees to visit non-work sites outside of business hours.
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

Web Protection starting at $5/mo.
  • Location tracking: Use the built-in GPS on mobile devices to locate devices
  • Remote features: Lock devices, set passwords, or wipe devices
  • Configuration: Push email and Wi-Fi configurations to devices
  • Multiple device types supported: MDM supports Apple® iOS®, Google® Android®, and Microsoft® Windows® devices and tablets.
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

MDM starting at $5/mo
  • Asset Management: We will track warranty information for your equipment & help you stay supported
  • Remote Access: Our helpdesk will quickly connect to any machine to assist with problems.
  • Automation: Every business is different. We will identify what works for you and deploy automated jobs to keep your systems running fast.
  • Monthly report
  • Monitored and managed 24/7

Service Desk starting at $15/mo

All services are available a-la carte. Call for pricing.

Workstation packages start as low as $15/mo

Server packages start as low as $100/mo